Is my data safe with an iPad EMR

Being mobile is something you are realizing is essential to your practice. Being on the go, being able to see in real time whom is coming into your practice and being prepared for the dynamic daily changes of your practice is way more important now then ever, even if you aren’t in the office.

With mobile health, this is now finally now a reality with our iPad EMR.

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This brings me to the issue of iPad EMR security, your asking yourself is your data secure on an iPad EMR? The simple answer is yes. We take all necessary security measures to make sure all patient data is secure. Simply put, your iPad is connected via a wireless encrypted connection to your data.

As well once you “logout” of our app, all data is cleared, your data and your patients data.

Daniel Kivatinos co-founder and COO of drchrono Daniel Kivatinos
Daniel is co-founder and COO of drchrono. Daniel is a designer, software engineer and entrepreneur living in Silicon Valley. More articles from Daniel can be found here.