Getting the latest version of our iPad EMR

Our iPad EMR app is now available in the Tunes App Store! There is a delay in releasing every updated version of the Dr. Chrono app to the iTunes store. For physicians who want the cutting edge version of our iPad EMR app, they can get it before its official release by sending us their iPad’s UDID and receiving a special “Ad-Hoc” distribution.

Getting your device’s UDID and receiving the Ad-Hoc distribution is a simple two step process:

First you will need to get your UDID/”Unique Device ID” for your iPad. To do this, plug your iPad into your computer and launch iTunes.

Getting your UDID - step 1 Getting your UDID - step 2 Getting your UDID - step 3

Email your UDID to us at and we will send you the latest version of our app in a zip format (the file will be called something like drchrono\_ipad\_emr\_adhoc\

Once you receive the zip file and extract it, you will see a folder containing two files. You must drag **BOTH** files into iTunes to install this version of our software into iTunes.

Here is a video with step by step instructions:


drchrono – Installing the latest iPad EMR App. from drchrono on Vimeo.
Daniel Kivatinos Daniel Kivatinos
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