DrChrono iPad EMR App Update Supports Dictation, to Offer eRx

DrChrono.com iPad EMR App Update Supports Dictation, to Offer eRx

New York, NY, May 21, 2010—DrChrono.com, the premier publisher of dynamic point-of-care and practice management software, has released a series of updates to its iPad EMR (electronic medical record) app–the first and only native EMR application for the Apple iPad. The updates support new features and enhance functionality.

drchrono’s iPad EMR app was unveiled on April 24 at the Health 2.0 Conference in Jacksonville, FL. The debut was a landmark event in health care technology, marking the first native application (as opposed to VNC-based software) for EMR on the iPad, as well as the first app to offer SOAP notes. The app was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal and The Health Care Blog.

In addition to enhancing functionality, the updates include new features for dictation. Medical professionals can use the built-in microphone to record clinical notes and patient sessions. “The iPad is a tremendously exciting tool with massive possibilities for point-of-care applications,” commented Michael Nusimow, CEO and Co-Founder of drchrono. “We’ve received hundreds of downloads in the first few weeks of our app’s availability. During that time, we have had numerous conversations with current and prospective users involving features that health care professionals need.”

Nusimow added that more updates are on the way. Coming soon: E-prescriptions. “We are working with Surescripts to offer electronic prescriptions directly from the point-of-care screen,” said drchrono COO and Co-Founder Daniel Kivatinos. “Doctors can enter the prescription type, quantity and pharmacy location directly into the app. Each prescription is recorded and can be recalled along with other clinical notes for that patient.”

“drchrono was founded with the goal of promoting more timely and effective interaction between the patient and doctor,” said Nusimow. “As such, we will continue to offer new and enhance existing features based on the needs and requests of health care professionals.”


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