What Makes drchrono a Health 2.0 Company

What defines a Health 2.0 company?  Sometimes it is clear what a Health 2.0 company is, at other times it is not.  Some companies would have you believe that connecting software to the web makes that company a Health 2.0 company and will have a long list of all the ways that their software is connected.  However, it is not that simple.  No matter how long that list is, it is not the LIST that makes a Health 2.0 company. So, what is it that defines a Health 2.0 Company? It’s the connections being the center of the users,  software and other technology. Let me use drchrono as an example.

Why is drchrono Heath 2.0?

Imagine this scenario: Dr. Smith would like to get a report of all the patients for which he has had problems with insurance. Dr. Smith discusses the parameters with DrChrono.com that would need to be considered to generate this report and DrChrono.com enables Dr. Smith to generate this custom report. But wait, DrChrono.com is a Health 2.0 company, and now this “custom report” becomes a feature of DrChrono.com, available to all users.  No updates necessary, and Dr. Adams does not need to ask and pay for the development of the same “Custom” report. That is what makes DrChrono.com is a great example of a Health 2.0 company.

For more about Health 2.0 and the Health 2.0 conferance in San Francisco: http://www.health2con.com/
Daniel Kivatinos Daniel Kivatinos
Daniel is co-founder and COO of drchrono. Daniel is a designer, software engineer and entrepreneur living in Silicon Valley. More articles from Daniel can be found here.