drchrono Presenting at Health 2.0 2009 San Francisco

2009 Health 2.0 San Francisco

Michael and I had the honor of presenting DrChrono.com at the 2009 Health 2.0 conference, our 3 minute presentation is below (we had 2 people record it so check out either video, thank your Chip and Martin for recording our demo!):


VentureBeat talks about DrChrono.com and the Health 2.0 conference.

Phreesia’s co-founders Chaim Indig and Evan Roberts presented: http://www.viddler.com/player/3ef490b6/

Matthew Holt, co-founder of Health 2.0 and I:
Matthew Holt, co-founder of Health 2.0 and Michael CEO of DrChrono.com:

ePatientDave gave a great talk as well:

Getting ready to demo:

The MyHealthExperience.com team, Daniel Kogan and Eugene Borukhovich

More pictures:
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