Marketing Your New Dental Practice for Free

Setting up a new dental practice is one of the most challenging business endeavors anyone can undertake. Here are some free resources where a new (or existing) dentist can register their dental practice so it can be found by customers searching locally. These sites are also a great place to have your existing patient base go and give you positive reviews. These are the top 3 sites you should register your practice info with to start. All of these sites are very popular and very effective at getting people nearby your practice to know about you and find your address and phone number.

1) *reviews important
Yelp is an online community based “Zagat Guide” for everything. You can add your dental practice to the site and have your existing patients sign up and leave reviews about how great you are.
Click Here to Register Your Practice with Yelp for Free
Yelp Business FAQ

2) Google Local Search *reviews important
Click Here to Register Your Practice with Google Local for Free

3) Yahoo Local Search *reviews important
Click Here to Register Your Practice with Yahoo Local for Free

4) Dr Oogle Dentist Guide *Dentist Reviews, Dentist Ratings, Dentist Recommendations and Dental Help
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