Venture Capital Bootcamp 2009

This year during internet week in New York there was a “Venture Capital Bootcamp” event. Venture capitalists from DFJ Gotham Ventures and [Wilson Sonsini Goodrich][1] and Rosati came to Columbia University and participated.

It was a great event, very informative and the presenters took an interesting approach to telling everyone about how VCs think and work.

Below are some details and information on the presenters at the Bootcamp:

Venture Capital Bootcamp 2009 - Program Materials Adam Dinow Ross Goldstein Venture Capital Bootcamp 2009 - Daniel Schultz Venture Capital Bootcamp 2009 - Thatcher Bell Venture Capital Bootcamp 2009 - Mark Davis

Check out the video of the whole talk below! The presenters go overview of the VC industry, the venture capital fundraising process, company formation types (LLC, corporations, etc.), term sheets, and what to do after investment. There’s also a discussion about whether VC funding is right for you and your business as well.

The video runs just over three hours and you can listen to the audio while working.

The slides from the event: Michael and I had the pleasure of meeting the co-founder of DFJ Gotham Ventures Ross Goldstein talking about our ideas at this event.
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