Medisoft – Exporting your data out.

One of our doctor customers is using Medisoft software to keep track of their practice and would like to export patient data from time to time to move the data between software applications. Michael and I have been looking into different ways to export this patient data. Shedding some light, Medisoft uses a backend database called Advantage, a database product owned by Sybase. There are data export tools like ABC Amber Advantage Converter to export data directly from Advantage, from what I hear you can also use MS Access to export this data. I called Medisoft asking about how to export data from the Medisoft product line and they told me that there is an option to export the data in PDF format and direclty into excel, if this is true then that is another viable option. Can anyone out there send me some screen shots on how to do this? I am looking into all solutions and will be updating this post from time to time. Feel free to contact us at [][1] if you need help exporting this data as well.
Daniel Kivatinos Daniel Kivatinos
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  [1]: - Medisoft - Request for help exporting data