Investment Stays Strong in Health IT Industry Despite Recession

Investment in most industries is decreasing because of the economic recession, but investment in health IT remains strong and is even increasing, American Public Media’s “Marketplace” reports.

Venture capitalists are following the federal government’s recent investment in health IT under the federal stimulus package.

The segment includes comments from:

  • Luis Machuca, CEO of medical software firm Kryptiq;
  • Daniel Kivatanos, co-founder of Web-based appointment scheduling software vendor;
  • Seth Rudnick, head of health care investment at venture capital firm Canaan Partners; and
  • Scott Wallace, a fellow at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business and former head of the National Alliance for Health Information Technology (Hartman, “Marketplace,” American Public Media, 4/27).

Original article can be found at iHeartBeat.