Medical Billing 101 – How to Post an EOB and Payment

There is a lot you can do within the drchrono platform. One of the most powerful components in drchrono is the medical billing software.

This is a quick 5 minute training read on how to add an EOB and post an insurance payment manually.

First watch this 1 minute and 30 second video Gail did from the customer success team, I recommend watching the video a few times to really get it –

Ok, now that watched the video, this is a step by step below as well on how to do this.

Login to drchrono and select the “Billing” menu item —> then click the “Live Claim Feed” option —> Choose the patient and click on the patient visit date. This will take you to the billing details screen. This screen is where you are going to add the Explanation of Benefits or EOB and the insurance payment. It is all done on this screen.

Remember you need to add the EOB first before posting the payment. To do this click on the +EOB button.

Enter all of the information (e.g. payment method) and so on, also don’t forget to upload a copy of the scanned EOB so you can view the original EOB at a later date.

Ok the EOB is now entered you now need to post the payment, click on the blue plus icon and enter the check number, the insurance payment, and any other amount here (e.g. copayment). Select the the adjustment reason. You can add more, just press the blue plus icon again, by pressing the blue button and the information you entered from the previous entry, the check date and check number is copied over, so you don’t have to enter the information again.

Make sure you click the “Verify and Save” button once you want to save the transaction! You don’t want to lose all of that work you just did!

Last year we had over 500 million dollars processed in medical billing via drchrono so join the thousands of physicians leveraging the billing center and process some medical claims! We are here to help!

If you are a current customer and have questions about how to post a payment, just email the support team at

If you are not leveraging our medical billing center, email our sales team at and they can walk you though how to get setup.

For more training on how to process medical billing, see all of our videos here.


Article by Daniel Kivatinos, COO and cofounder, drchrono

Daniel drives direction, brand vision, and business strategy for drchrono. Daniel’s focus has been in the technology space since 2001, as a software engineer and entrepreneur. Daniel holds an M.S. in Computer Science and a B.S. in Computer Science & Psychology from Stony Brook University.